About Us

Hello! We are KLH!

We specialize in custom home construction, along with interior design and house plans. From start to finish, we love the building and design process – and pride ourselves in solid construction, unique design and overall value.

We Build

Custom: Our homes are custom built. This means your house plan will be unique to you and built to your desired specifications. We walk you through each step of the process, describing how and why things are done. We are clearly not here to build you your neighbor’s home.

Design: We have a deep passion for design. We feel that design is one of the most important aspects of your home, whether it be strategic house layout, smart finish details, cohesive overall style or post-build decor choices. Great design makes a custom home truly shine. Because of this, we include design assistance with each new build project. 

Budget: Your budget is very important to us. Our goal is to build you a custom house within your budget, and communicate often about that budget. This seems like a basic idea, but few builders actually accomplish this. We pride ourselves in the fact that the vast majority of our houses have been appraised at or above the build cost.

Cost of building: Building costs start around $150 per square foot for a nicely finished custom home. Typically this includes your completed home, appliances, landscaping and design assistance. 

Communication: We pride ourselves in excellent communication. We want you to enjoy the experience, to know your options and to be aware of what is going on throughout the building process. You indicate to us how much you would like to be involved, and we will listen.

Thanks for visiting our site!  Feel free to call if you would like to chat about the process – 269.823.8041.

Kevin, Liz + the KLH team